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               Why I Ran...

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Loving Son
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Seniors Laughing
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Autumn Road
Mother Daughter Portrait
Goodnight Kiss
Soldier Fishing

For the last three plus years, particularly as a former School Board member and through my studies in the School of Theology (University of the South), I have experienced, in a very different human context, why too many children are left disenfranchised, too often dismissed, and way too often victimized. I have come to realize that truly our global survival will only be through our ability and willingness to understand that education and environmental justice and condition must be in the forefront of how we teach children, take care of our elders, stop accepting poverty as a human condition, better care for the planet, and not being comfortable with the -isms which seem to be engulfing our society. ALL are on the table for discussion and remedy in the General Assembly...all of the time; therefore, I want to have a voice in the discussions for the interests of my Maryland neighbors.

Office Meeting
Mother and Baby on Floor
Family Decorating Eggs
Video Blogger
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